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ETI Description

The investment objective of the FI Trade SP is to achieve arbitrage gains by exploiting price differences between different financial derivative instruments in all market phases. FI Trade SP follows a derivates arbitrage strategy unrelated to other asset classes. The regional focus is in Europe, Switzerland and the USA.

In the derivatives arbitrage strategy, a specially developed algorithm scans more than 1.4 million derivative financial products in Germany alone. It identifies products whose features are identical but whose prices differ due to market inefficiencies or misperceptions. 

The selection of investment instruments for the application of the derivatives arbitrage strategy includes derivatives, derivative securities and investment products. The selected products are examined by algorithms for price differences in order to identify incorrect valuations and thus to achieve an arbitrage gain. At the same time, the financial business is hedged in the same structure. Wherever possible, positions will be arranged so that a change in the price of the underlying does not result in a direct change in the value of the portfolio.



ETI Information

Investment ManagerFalcon Vermogensverwaltung AG
ETI CategoryManaged Accounts ETI
Listing Date05-04-2019
Minimum Subscription100,000
Bid Price 225.85
Ask Price 229.82
Issue Price1000

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