Haack Performance Asset Backed ETI

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Haack Performance Asset Backed ETI

Delta1 Securities Plc

ISIN: MT0000871286

ETI Description

Haack ETI invests in a managed account held at interactive brokers as well as Baader Bank. The investment manager, PP Asset Management GbmH, invests event driven and follows the recommendations of Haack Boersenbrief. 



Note the information provided is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instruments but for investor relations purposes only. The above-mentioned securities were offered to the public for subscription during the offering program 2016/17. After the completion of the offering program, there is no increase in securities admitted to trading on a regulated market or admitted to trading on an open market. Furthermore, after the close of trading on the primary market, the issuer does not engage in own active marketing activities and does not support such activities by other financial intermediaries or third parties, for example by offering sales commissions.

* For the Bid and Ask prices, the quotes indicated are valid for 10 units per business day.

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