iMaps ETIs: The new generation of Actively Managed Certificates

The ideal platform for your investment strategy

There are a number of ways asset managers manage their clients wealth. However, handling individual client accounts is not scalable and might become inefficient with an increasing number of clients. Moreover, several investments like Hedge Funds, Real Estate Funds and Private Equity Funds have a high minimum investment amount or restrict themselves only to institutional investors. These are the reasons why many asset managers choose to launch their own investment vehicle. Anyhow the well-known and widespread fund structures are in many cases neither accessible nor suitable due to various limitations, such as several months of launch time, high set up & running costs, poor flexibility, marketing restrictions and regulatory restrictions. Especially for investment vehicles with less than 10 mio Euro AuM a fund structure is not suitable. The alternative that overcomes all these limitations and which has become popular in the last decade is the Actively Managed Certificate (AMC).

Actively Managed Certificates are promoted as the fastest, most flexible and most cost-efficient investment vehicle available nowadays. However, most AMC providers restrict you in asset classes to invest and limit you in the number of trades you can execute per day.

The new product generation of AMCs creates more options for tailoring your investment strategy

iMaps Capital Markets offers a new generation of Actively Managed Certificates. You as Asset Manager get a flexible solution for your tailor-made portfolio investment strategy that could include not only stocks and bonds but in addition any asset classes like structured products, mutual funds, any kind of alternative investment funds, options, futures, FOREX and even crypto currencies. You and your traders get Direct Market Access and thus can trade 24 hours fully electronically. Even more complex quant strategies can be covered by the iMaps AMC platform using API direct links.

A disadvantage of most Actively Managed Certificates compared to their fund counterparts is the credit risk of the Issuer. The iMaps AMC platform has a different setup to solve this problem. All Actively Managed Certificates we issue for our clients pledge the hedge assets to an independent trustee who holds these assets for the benefit of the investors. Thus we achieve that all the AMCs issued at our platform are collateralised against the credit risk for no additional costs!

Actively Managed Certificates are securities issued by investment houses and can be listed at an Exchange and traded there just like an ETF. We at iMaps Capital Markets list all of our Actively Managed Certificates as ETIs – Exchange Traded Instruments at the MTF of the Vienna Stock Exchange, one of the oldest Exchanges within the European Union.

With Actively Managed Certificates you can put your investment strategy into practice in a fast and straightforward way. There are no strategy or asset restriction within the alternative investment portfolio underlying the Actively Managed Certificates meaning that all hedge fund strategies can be structured within an iMaps Actively Managed Certificate! The time to market is reduced to 2-4 weeks and the Actively Managed Certificates are registered and approved for public offering  in Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ireland and United Kingdom for a minimum investment of 1000 Euro.

Flexible, low-cost and easy-to-set-up investment vehicles

iMaps Capital Markets Group with offices in Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein and Singapore acts as Issuer and administrator of iMaps AMCs, acting as Market Maker and continually calculating the strategy`s performance. We grant asset managers direct market access to rebalance the investment portfolio in the most flexible way possible.

In contrast to their fund counterparts they are set up within 2-4 weeks and offer ongoing cost advantages due to their efficient administration. Each iMaps ETI is issued with a Swiss ISIN in the Swiss Clearing System making them a transferable security which may be traded in the interbank OTC market as well as through the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Our aim at iMaps Capital Market is to assist you in making the right decisions for the assets you wish to manage and to service you with the most flexible and cost-effective investment vehicle out there: The Actively Managed Certificate in the form of an iMaps ETI.

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