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ISIN: CH0505798683

ETI Description

The investment strategy will be to deliver medium term absolute returns across all market conditions through investments, both long or short, in a liquid portfolio of currencies, stock indices, commodities indices and bond indices.

There is no guarantee that the investment objective of the Company will be achieved, and investment results may vary substantially over time.

Investment Policies

The Company will mainly invest, both long or short, in a liquid portfolio of currencies, stock indices, commodities and bond indices.

The Company will try to exploit inefficiencies in correlation between the different asset classes managed or within the instruments of the same asset class.

The choice of investments will neither be limited by an economic sector nor in terms of currencies in which investments will be denominated. However, depending on financial market conditions, a particular focus can be placed in a single country (or some countries) and/ or in a single currency and/or in a single economic sector .

For hedging or for any other purposes, the Company may use all types of financial derivatives instruments traded on a regulated market and/or over the counter (OTC) provided they are contracted with leading financial institutions specialized in this type of transactions and subject to regulatory supervision.  In particular the Company may take exposure through any financial derivative instruments such as but not limited to warrants, futures, options, swaps and forwards on any underlying in line with the investment restrictions as well as the investment policy of the Company, included but not limited to, currencies (including NDF), interest rates, transferable securities, basket of transferable securities, indices including, but not limited to, volatility indices .

If the Investment Manager, where applicable, considers this to be in the best interest of the Noteholders, the Company may also hold up to 100% of its net assets in liquidities such as cash deposits, money market funds and money market instruments.

The Company is permitted to invest in securities and instruments denominated in a currency other than the base currency of the Company and may purchase currencies to meet settlement requirements.

Investments in and between the above-mentioned instruments and securities shall be made in such portions and according to asset allocation criteria determined by the Investment Manager as deemed appropriate to attain the Company’s investment objective.

The description of the Company’s underlying investments type and selection process, and  strategies in general, are not intended to be exhaustive. The exact details may vary over time. There is no assurance that the investment strategies to be adopted will be profitable or that an investor will not lose some or all of its investment.

The Company may make use of leverage through borrowing arrangements or by entering into contracts for differences, futures contracts, forward agreements, options as well as other financial derivative instruments. The use of leverage has the potential to magnify the gains or the loss on the Company’s investments, particularly in times of significant market volatility.

The leverage employed in the Company will in no instance exceed 1000% (one thousand percent) of the Company’s net asset value calculated in accordance with the Gross method.

The Company will not engage in collateral or asset re- use arrangements.



ETI Information

Investment ManagerRoyalfid SA
ETI CategoryManaged Account ETI
Listing Date07-08-2020
Minimum Subscription1 unit
NAV of Underlying997.07
Bid Price *992.08
Ask Price *1,002.06
Issue Price1000 EUR

Supporting Documentation

Note the information provided is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instruments but for investor relations purposes only. The aforementioned securities were offered to the public. The base prospectus for the issuance programme of ETI Securities in the form of derivative securities got approved by FMA Liechtenstein and passported to Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland and UK. The base prospectus and all supplements can be downloaded free of charge at ww.imaps-capital.com/etis . It is recommended that investors considering investing in any of these notes consult an approved MiFID Financial Advisor prior to investing.

* For the Bid and Ask prices, the quotes indicated are valid for 10 units per business day.

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