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Here are the most common questions we are asked. Take a look at our FAQs, maybe we can already clarify your question in this way.

Investment Managers must be authorized to provide asset management. In the EU, this means that a MIFID license in Switzerland can be either a FINMA or a SRO authorization. Other jurisdictions require equivalent approval.

As our ETIs are transferable securities, they can only be distributed in accordance with the MIFID II regulations in the EU.

Public offer for sophisticated as well as retail investors in the European Union, who can also be offered to qualified investors in Switzerland. All ETIs are eligible for private placement by accredited investors in Singapore and Hong Kong. The ETI program is filed under Reg S in the USA.

The Credit Risk of the Issuer is insured by a pledge of the underlying assets to an independent trustee.

The ETIs are listed in the MTF of the Vienna Stock Exchange and can be traded there.

No – one of the advantages of the iMpas Platform is that the Prime Broker can also take over the function of a Custodian.

The issuer uses independent directors and an external auditor. The trustee function is carried out by the Intertrust Group.

The minimum AuM for starting an ETI is just USD 500.000.

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