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Your Partner for Exchange Traded Instruments

Your Partner for Exchange Traded Instruments Customized Actively Managed Certificates Fund-Linked Notes with Public Offering Packaged Retail Investment Products Advanced Private Label Solutions for Asset Managers

We build a New Generation of
Exchange-Traded Products.

You focus on Asset Management & Sales – We Take Care of Everything Else

Get in touch – Your Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI) will be ready within four weeks

We build a New Generation of

Exchange-Traded Products.

We offer an innovative platform to transform Alternative Investments into Exchange Traded Instruments – in an easy, cost-effective and time-efficient manner

Through our flexible solutions, we enable asset managers to enter the market for Exchange Traded Products by issuing an ETI replicating their traditional and/or digital asset investment strategy as an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC).

You focus on Asset Management & Sales –

We Take Care of Everything Else

You focus on Asset Management

& Sales – We Take Care

of Everything Else

We want you to focus 100 % on your client and the perfect investment strategy in any market situation.

That’s why the iMaps platform offers all services in creating the investment product including transaction documents, accounting, listing, market making, paying & issuance agent, trustee services and all the administrative work – simple a one stop-shop solution.

Main features of iMaps Capital Markets

Faster setup

Fast Setup

Asset managers benefit from the iMaps Capital Markets solutions as it takes less than four weeks to complete the launch of the product – a much faster time to market compared to other solutions offered.

A Low-Cost Solution

With iMaps Capital Markets you have a partner who is the first provider offering Exchange Traded Products in the form of an Actively Managed Certificate or a Fund-Linked Note at low costs.

Flexible structure

Flexible Structure

The iMaps Capital Markets platform offers asset managers the flexibility they seek. Each ETI can be tailor-made to the client’s needs.

Public Offering in EU

Public Offering

The iMaps Capital Markets ETIs can be marketed to the public in the European Union as well as to qualified investors in Switzerland and accredited investors in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Case Studies on ETIs

Actively Managed Certificates

Collateralized Actively Managed Certificates

The launch of an Actively Managed Certificate under the iMaps Capital Markets platform is operated on a two-tier structure: 1) We set up a Segregated Portfolio which opens an account with the broker. You get

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