How secure are Actively Managed Certificates?

1. iMaps Capital Markets operates a two-tier structure for the launch of an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC). We set up a Segregated Portfolio of our wholly owned subsidiary Pecunia SPC which opens an account with the broker. The investment manager gets PoA (Power of Attorney) on that brokerage account via a Delegated Investment Management Agreement to execute the trading strategy. Our own structured products Issuer – iMaps ETI AG in Liechtenstein (Europe) issues Exchange Traded Instruments (listed AMCs) linked to that Segregated Portfolio.

2. EUWAX/Stuttgart Stock Exchange, where we list our AMCs, is the largest exchange-based segment for securitized derivatives in Europe:

3. The issuer risk is hedged by iMaps ETI AG. So, the underlying assets, for instance, Segregated Portfolio XYZ, serve the purpose as hedge and collateral for the respective XYZ ETI. In this respect, the underlying assets get pledged to Collateral Services PTC, a 100% subsidiary of Intertrust Group and regulated as a private trust company, for the sole benefit of the program secured creditors being the respective XYZ ETI investors.

4. iMaps is audited annually by BDO (Liechtenstein) AG.

5. As described under Point 1, the Delegated Investment Manager (DIM) has full insight and trading rights into all the broker accounts (for instance, Interactive Brokers) of the respective SP and thus sees where the assets are.


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