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iMaps Capital Markets SEZC

iMaps Capital Markets is a securities & investment business company and manufacturer of listed derivative securities in the form of Exchange Traded Instruments. iMaps offers managers of active & alternative investments the issuance of a listed structured investment product tracking their investment strategy as a ‘White Label’ solution.

iMAPS Capital Markets SEZC
‘Britcay House’,
236 Eastern Avenue,
P.O. Box 10315,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands

(+1) 345 23213-82

iMaps Cayman Islands Aerial View

iMaps Capital Markets is the parent company of both Issuer-SPVs iMaps Capital plc and iMaps ETI AG as well as founder and holder of the Management Shares or Pecunis SPC.

Andreas Woelfl acts as chairman of the board, Ian Morgan acts as Chief Executive Officer.
iMaps Capital Markets is registered with CIMA and licensed by the SEZA.

iMaps Europe AG i.G.

iMaps Europe AG i.G. is servicing the European clients of the iMaps Capital Markets platform. Andreas Woelfl acts as chairman, Guenter Woinar acts as Chief Executive Officer. Herbert Hakala acts as a non-executive director.

iMaps Europe AG i.G.
Im alten Riet 102,
9494 Schaan,
Principality of Liechtenstein

iMaps Europe Liechtenstein Banner

iMaps Asia Pte Ltd

iMaps Asia Pte Ltd is servicing the Asian clients of the iMaps Capital Markets platform. Andreas Woelfl acts as chairman, Caren Seren Varol acts as Chief Executive officer.

iMaps Asia Pte Ltd
55 Mohamed Sultan Road,
#01-04 Sultan Link,
Singapore 238995,

iMaps Asia Singapur Banner
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