About iMaps

The Team

Meet our team at iMaps Capital Markets! Our team consists of professionals with multiple years of experience in capital markets and structuring exchange traded products.

The iMaps team has decades of experience in the financial services industry and has recognized how Exchange Traded Instruments can solve asset manager problems by pursuing active and alternative investment strategies. We have set up iMaps Capital Markets to launch the first international market access platform for issuing tailor-made exchange-traded products.

Ian Morgan Portrait

Ian Morgan

CEO of iMaps Cayman

Andreas Wolfl Portrait

Andreas Woelfl

Chairman & Founder iMaps Group

Guenter Woinar Portrait

Günter Woinar

CEO of iMaps Europe

Caner Seren Varol Portrait

Caner Seren Varol

CEO of iMaps Asia

Herbert Hakala Potrait

Herbert Hakala

Board of Directors iMaps Europe

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