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PP Multi Asset Opportunities ETI


ISIN: CH0505798626

ETI Description

PP Multi Asset Opportunities is a dynamic Multi Asset Management Strategy investing and trading in 3 different time horizons. Through spreading the risk on 3 different trading models the goal of PP Multi Asset is to generate a positive return without having any benchmark.

The main focus of the trading ideas is to detect anomalies based on undervaluation/overvaluation, special situations, cyclical fluctuation, short term impacts as well as technical analysis. In other words, the different trading models try to predict the reversal of a trend.

The short term trading model is mainly focusing on technical analysis whereas the medium to long term model main focus lies on fundamental analysis.

The investment strategy in all 3 models is to generate Alpha by buying long options (asymmetric risk return) and holding shares. Beta is generated through investment into futures.

The multi-layer risk management, which is based on investment horizon, individual shares as well as total market risk minimize the negative impact of each trading position against the total portfolio.



ETI Information

Investment ManagerPP Asset Management GmbH
ETI CategoryManaged Account ETI
Listing Date14-02-2020
Minimum Subscription1,000 Euro
Bid Price *1019.02
Ask Price *1023.10
Issue Price1000

Supporting Documentation

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* For the Bid and Ask prices, the quotes indicated are valid for 10 units per business day.

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