iMaps extends the range of actively managed certificates on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange

iMaps ETI AG, the structured products issuer from the Principality of Liechtenstein with a focus on issuing actively managed certificates as a White Label Solution for asset managers, is expanding its offering on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. Since September 11th, five more investment products, which map the investment strategies of asset managers, can be traded on Germany’s largest exchange trading platform for derivative securities.

The Haack Index Trading ETI (ISIN: CH0505798642) maps a trading strategy in the DAX future of the Haack Daily stock exchange letter. “The Haack Index Trading ETI is a perfect addition to the already listed Haack Performance ETI,” says iMaps Capital Markets founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Andreas Wölfl, welcoming the new actively managed certificate.

The Blackfort Daily Quant Accelerator ETI (ISIN: CH050579867), which uses a systematic contract for difference (CFD) trading strategy provided by the asset manager Blackfort Capital AG, is also new to the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. The systematic and quantitative trading strategy relies on short-term signals. The goal is the positive generation of income on each trading day.

The Azzilon Smart Beta 100 ETI (ISIN: CH0505798667) is based on the Azillon Smart Beta 100 Index as a benchmark; a smart beta index developed by Azzilon Systems. Solactive was won over as an index calculator.

The Alpha Paladin ETI (ISIN: CH0505798618) maps a global macro strategy that is not tied to any benchmark and aims to achieve an absolute return. The asset manager can access all asset classes that are liquid (and are open to retail investors). Trends are tracked down and mainly tried to exploit CFD positions.

The addition to the range of actively managed certificates is rounded off by the PP Multi Asset Opportunities ETI (ISIN: CH0505798626), which is managed by Mark Wilhelms, Senior Manager at PP Asset Management GmbH. The investment strategy is based on a multi-asset strategy that works on three different time levels with the aim of achieving positive, double-digit total return income per year.

The trading focus is on tracking down and taking advantage of short and medium-term market anomalies and “mispricing”. While technical market aspects and seasonal cycles represent key decision-making parameters in the lowest time level, the asset manager certificate deliberately focuses on fundamental aspects in the longer-term area.

From the above approach it follows that the Investment Manager & Investment Product Sponsor tries above all to recognize trend reversals at an early stage; Such an approach is maximally profitable if it is combined with asymmetrical risk / reward profiles. “An indispensable part of the strategy in the iMaps asset management certificate is a risk control working on several levels in order to keep the risk of individual misjudgments for the overall result as small as possible”, says Mark Wilhelms, Senior Manager at PP Asset Management and mastermind behind the investment strategy .

About iMaps Capital Markets Group

iMaps ETI AG is a structured products issuer in the Principality of Liechtenstein with a focus on issuing actively managed certificates as a White Label Solution to Asset Managers under a public retail offering issuance programme. The iMaps Capital Markets Group focuses on providing asset managers with the platform for publicly issuing investment products as Actively Managed Certificates or Exchange Traded Instruments and listing them on the stock exchange.

White label actively managed certificates represent an interesting, rapidly growing and cost-effective alternative to funds and thanks to the approved base prospectus of iMaps ETI AG, it is approved for offering them publicly throughout Europe.

Disclaimer: The base prospectus has been approved by FMA Liechtenstein and can be downloaded free of charge from the website It has been passported to Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Investors should read the Base Prospectus and the Issue-Specific Summary in the Final Terms before making an investment decision.

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