The ETIs of iMaps Capital Markets have landed

ETIs (Exchange Traded Instrument) under Swiss Law with a Swiss ISIN, tradeable in all common clearing system (SIX, Clearstream, Euroclear, OeKB, etc.) and admitted to trading in the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange, have made their debut on the 25th of October 2018.

iMaps Capital’s new platform is a unique solution for issuing of ETIs that track the performance of a segregated portfolio, providing investors with easy and transparent access to investment strategy performance, which could be a managed account, an offshore fund, a cryptocurrency asset, a foreign exchange strategy, a private debt, a private equity or other real assets.

Exchange Traded Instruments may be promoted under the prospectus directive and marketed to sophisticated investors either as a private placement or a public offering in the EU. Besides, ETIs can be marketed to qualified investors in Switzerland.

As listed securities, they are eligible to the UCITS even if the underlying assets are not. And they are standard assets in the UK and therefore eligible investments for SIPPs and ISAs. iMaps Capital as Arranger has engaged third parties as Payment Agent, Segregated Portfolio Administrator and Auditor for the ETIs.

The new generation of ETIs has the potential to change the way active and alternative investments are offered in the future, and due to their cost-effective setup, they also offer great opportunities to emerging managers.

Disclaimer: ETIs are offered to a sophisticated investor and thus exempt from the need to publish a prospectus. The minimum investment for non-professional investors is 100.000 Euro. Professional investors can subscribe to any amount.

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