Launch of private label platform for Packaged Retail Investment Products

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iMaps Capital Markets, a global private label provider of exchange-traded, actively managed investment vehicles, is expanding its offering with packaged retail investment products.

iMaps ETI plc was set up as an Issuer of investment products in Liechtenstein and will offer actively managed Retail ETIs (Exchange Traded Instruments).

The base prospectus for a public offer of these derivative securities was approved by the regulator FMA Liechtenstein in the previous week and is now published on the website at The Base Prospectus will be notified to Germany, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom.

iMaps Capital Markets offers asset managers and private banks the opportunity to package their investment strategies in retail ETIs and offer them to their clients. Asset managers thus have access to investment vehicles with authorization for public distribution, which are not only much more flexible compared to funds, but also significantly cheaper.

There will be a flat fee solution for the retail investment products: for CHF 18,000 yearly fees Asset Managers can create their ETI using Interactive Brokers as Prime Broker and Custodian.

“Asset managers can use our new packaged retail investment products platform to actively manage the entire spectrum of international equities, ETFs, structured products, derivatives and FOREX through a brokerage account with Interactive Brokers and offer them publicly in one ETI. With the flat fee solution of CHF 18,000 p.a. and assuming € 10m of assets under management, these costs are equal to just 0.165% “, summarizes iMaps Capital Markets Founder and Chairman Andreas Woelfl.

In addition to the flat-fee solution, iMaps ETI plc will also offer flexible, tailor-made solutions. “Using our modular platform, different prime brokers and custodians can be connected. Even an iMaps ETI, which repackages an actively managed portfolio on hedge funds, can be launched and offered to the public. And even this tailor-made solution will cost less than 40 basis points for a volume of 10 million euros! Of course the retail investment products will also have a collateral structure to secure the credit risk of the issuer”, summarizes Guenter Woinar, European head of iMaps Capital Markets

About Exchange Traded Instruments

Exchange Traded Instruments (ETIs) are legally derivative securities issued under the Prospectus Directive and traded on a stock exchangeand often also referred to as “actively managed certificates”. The credit risk of the issuer is secured by pledging the hedge assets in favor of the ETI holders.

iMaps ETIs repackages actively managed segregated portfolios as underlying. Unlike mutual funds, these innovative investment vehicles are not limited in terms of diversification, asset classes and leverage. Asset managers can thus operate as flexibly as in a hedge fund but nonetheles offer and distribute their ETIs to the public.

All iMaps ETIs are collateralised and issued in the Swiss clearing system with Swiss ISIN and Swiss paying agent.

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