Welcome to iMaps

Welcome to the website of iMAPS Capital, a platform operated by iMAPS Capital Markets SEZC, a securities and investment business company in the Cayman Islands.

The platform caters for Asset Managers and Investment Firms looking for a cost and time efficient solution to launch an Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI).

These alternative structured investment products are tracking the performance of actively managed portfolios, units of collective investment schemes or cryptocurrencies and are listed at the stock exchange.

We provide 3 types of solutions:

Managed Account MAP

The Managed Account ETI provides a cost-efficient solution for emerging managers, even with small seed money at launch. As an exchange traded ETI, it will be marketed to sophisticated investors in Europe. By promoting ETI units which are listed at the exchange, the asset manager can gain more investors who have easy access to the instrument via their normal broker relationship.

Fund-Linked MAP

An exchange traded ETI allows for the repackaging of the fund. The ETI will be promoted to European Investors, allowing asset managers to get their first step into a booming market.

Blockchain-Linked MAP

Through a Blockchain-Linked ETI, asset managers can diversify their product range into the booming sector of exchange traded products tracking the cryptocurrency markets.