Flat-Fee ETI

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Exchange Traded Instruments

Our Flat-Fee Exchange Traded Instruments (ETIs) are the easiest way for asset managers to track a huge variety of underlying securities and therefore the respective trading strategy.

It is the low-cost alternative to mutual funds and gives the asset managers the huge advantage of an exchange-traded product – especially when the starting seed money is below 2 million USD. Additionally, the administrative effort compared to other financial products is very low.

It has never been easier and more cost-efficient to build up a track record with a Flat-Fee ETI!

Features of Flat-Fee ETI:

  • Standardized Investment Product
  • Prime Broker (Interactive Brokers)
  • Custodian (Interactive Brokers)
  • Listing on Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Time to market (2–4 weeks)
  • Efficient outsourced administration
  • Offered for a flat-fee of just 12,000 USD per year
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